The New Year Revolution:The Truth on Why We Should Stop


Happy New Year Everyone!


I hope you had a great time and a very Merry Christmas at that! The holidays are a great time to get with the family and enjoy some delicious home cooking that you may not be getting on the reg.  I have to say that this is probably my favorite time of the year to celebrate with my family.  Besides the lights and the fun songs, I love the winter holidays because it’s a time to cuddle up and just be in the moment with your family.  The only issue for me is what happens after the Christmas gifts have been unwrapped.  After we toast to a wonderful new year, what happens? The New Year Resolution is what happens folks.

I am not a fan of the New Year’s resolution. (What is the correct way to say that?)  Now, I do believe that you should try to map out your goal for the year. I think that is a given, but to create 1-10 resolutions that you are going to magically begin on the first of the year?  Come on people!!! New Year Resolutions are just another way for us to say we are going to do something that we really don’t have the willpower to carry out.  Yeah I said it.  Most of us create (or in my case, created) our resolutions several weeks or a couple months before the New Year. You are telling me that on December 1st you wanted to wait until January 1st to make your change? I feel that if you were about your business you would have done whatever it is you wanted to do that day.  Or, if you’re anal, maybe at the beginning of the next week.

Anything that you want to do and see as a serious change should be done immediately instead of giving yourself this long grace period.  Because when January 1st rolls around, yeah, you’re going to start your new activity, be it weight loss, money management, life changes, etc.   However after 2 months people tend to throw those changes to the wind and fall back into their old habits.  Then what do they do? Wait until next November to create a resolution that will go into effect on January 1st.  We have seen this happen People!!!   Case in point: You know that you attend the gym all year on a pretty consistent basis.(Kudos!)  On December 20th there are 4 people in your class, and then on January 3rd, you can’t even find a parking space!!! Sure you’re pissed initially but if you give it until March spaces will start to open up and classes will now have stabilized.

I know what you’re thinking.  Payne, you don’t want people to excel.  Not true and erroneous on all accounts.  I want everyone to be the best you that you can be.  However, you should do it as soon as you see a need for it. Don’t wait because tomorrow is not guaranteed, no matter how often we forget that.  Make your changes today so that your actual resolution will be to maintain what you have been doing or to keep making attempts to make those desired changes.


-Happy New Year Folks!!!!

Coming Soon “What Men Thinks”……

Life, LifeMiss Champagne B.