Try mending a broken heart


I can’t imagine who would want to voluntarily go through heartbreak, which is probably the reason why people want to be the first to say goodbye.  Because of all the un-fun things that are associated with heartbreak.  The sleepless nights, the bitterness for no reason, the hope that everyone else’s relationship fails so ya’ll can be miserable together.  I have a friend right now who is going through some major heart break, and because her heart is broken, my heart is breaking for her. So, this is dedicated to you babe, because I have had my heartbroken a time or two and have found a few tricks on how to help move that sh*t along…

Mending a Broken Heart

 1.     Cry, Cry, and when you are done crying, cry some more- Do not deny yourself those tears. Do not tell yourself that only punks cry, because if you hold it in, its bad news bears for you.   One day, you’ll be at Chuck E. Cheese’s with your nephews when you will start crying in the ball pit, while they look at you like “WTF??”.  Not only will you be drowning in tears, but you will be drowning in balls. And when I think of balls in my face, those are not the ones I am referencing.

2.     Take your anger out on his face- Print out a picture of his face, fashion it in the shape of a dartboard and have at it.  Or, if you still have the old Wii, get that boxing game.  Make a Mii that will remind you of him, then go 10 rounds and light his a** up!! Not only will you tire yourself out from all that anger you are holding, you will work up a nice little sweat.  Which leads to the next thing…

3.     Work out!!!- When I get angry I run faster, elliptical harder and lift weights better. Then, when I go hit the heavy bag, ohh it’s a wrap son!!!  Plus putting time in the gym will help your shape improve, which is better for your confidence as well. Nothing like showing an ex what he missed out on by making a good thing even better.

4.     Watch chick flicks and cry- I like to get a glass of wine, some ice cream, and watch a movie about a woman who was afraid to love until she met the man who changed her life around and they lived grossly happily ever after.   Which at some point, I yell at the screen things like, “that sh*t aint real!!” or “he’s eventually gonna break your heart, just like all the others!!” True enough they can’t hear me, but I feel better knowing that I tried to warn her in advance.

5.     Get a creative outlet-I like to write. When I’m feeling any type of emotion, I normally like to express how I feel in words. Because I feel like I can organize them much better than saying it in real life.  For you, it may be singing, dancing, or whatever you like to do to take your mind off of him or allow you to focus that energy constructively.

6.     Get Busy!- It’s not what you think. What I mean is occupy your time.  When I broke up with my ex, it was tough, very, very, tough.  When I was in my apartment alone I just thought about the times we were together. The love we made or the laughs we shared. Now it was just silence and I.  I could barely sleep because my mind just kept replaying things over and over again.  So what did I do? I worked three jobs.  I made sure I had no time to think of anything else.  I also was in school.  So by the time I did get home I was so tired, that I fell asleep immediately.  Then time had passed and next thing I knew, I didn’t think about him very much, if at all.

7.     Sleep- This is going to be crucial to get pass months 1-3 of heartache.  Sleep makes everything better.  Don’t stay in that mode because it could lead to some serious issues, but it’s a good stepping stone to help you make time move faster for you.

8.     Remove anything that reminds you of him- It’s only going to keep you in that space of despair.  So unfriend him on Facebook, get rid of pictures of him, throw away that shirt that smells like him.  You are only going to drive yourself mad.  The purpose of this period is to help you move on from him not leave that door open so that he can creep in and out as he so chooses.

9.     Do more things for yourself-When I’m a bit sad, I spend money. Responsibly of course.  But I feel like I do so much for others, that  I need a little pick me up for myself.  So, take care of yourself while you are going down heartbreak lane.  Get a mani/pedi, take a small trip out of town or get dolled up and take yourself on a hot date.  Make yourself happy because you are the only one responsible for that.

10. Become more spiritual- Become more in tune with God, the Earth, yourself, etc.  Sometimes we go through life and are so overtaken by all the things that are going on, that we forget to meditate, reflect, or pray.  These things can lift your spirits and help you get through some of your roughest, coldest, loneliest nights.  It surely helped me.



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Heartbreak is inevitable.   Sometimes you can avoid it, sometimes you can’t.  But, it is not the end of the world.  It may feel like it, but sometimes that heartbreak was for the better. These things on my list may be silly but they can help you get through that period when it’s just too hard to breath, or smile.  We need things to help us move on and get our life back on track.  Do not let the heartbreak define you. Not everyone is out to get you. And more importantly, do not hold on to that bitterness because you could miss out on something wonderful!  The great thing about heartbreak is that it is only temporary. It will not last forever, if you do not allow it to.   Be your own savior, and get back on track to finding a love that’s meant for you.