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What to do when obstacles get in your way

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What to do when obstacles get in your way

Miss Champagne B.


What to do when obstacles get in your way

Do you know what to do when obstacles get in your way? Have you been in situations where that obstacle may have beat you up or you just gave up and moved on? Perhaps you were chasing a dream but because of all that it came with, you decided that it was best to let it go?


As you know, obstacles are a part of life. You will always encounter "no's" or face varying roadblocks that stop you from accomplishing your goal. However, what will set you a part from others is how you navigate those road blocks. "No" does not always mean no.  Sometimes it means, "not at this time", "not this way" or "not with these people".  When we have done things in life and it has failed we often take that action of what we did as something we should not have done. What if the complete action wasn't a no, but how we approached it? For example, a friend of mine relied on a lump sum of money coming her way in order to make a down payment on a large purchase. She knew this money would be in her account on X day and planned the whole purchase based on that "confirmed" money. However, two days before it was time to purchase, she learned that a freeze was held on the funds and she wouldn't be able to access the money for a whole week! The store where she was slated to make that large purchase advised that they would need to have the money by the agreed date or they would need to release the item to another couple who wanted it. She had the majority of it saved up but still was short. She asked me if she could borrow the rest from me and I was fortunate enough to have it. She asked if maybe it wasn't meant for her to have this item. Perhaps God did not intend for her to have this item. However, she improved her credit to be able to afford this large purchase. It fit her lifestyle accordingly and she was ultimately able to get the funds needed. I told her, everything worked out but perhaps it was your planning that was a road block. You counted your eggs before they hatched and you almost paid for it. So, I ask you. When you encountered your roadblocks what did you do? I am not sure, but let's talk about what to do going forward.

What to do when obstacles get in your way

  1. Analyze the situation- Be truly objective! Look at all the factors of what led to your roadblock. Was there any other circumstances that led to your issue? What happened that even put you into this scenario in the first place?  Look at it from all angles.
  2. Can you take a detour?- Do you have to go  this way to get what you need? Have you looked at other routes to get to where you want to go? Perhaps, you want to have a job as a VP in your current organzation but you are finding that it's increasingly hard to move up in your line of business. Are you open to going to another department? Or even another company? Sometimes you have to change the way you are moving in order to get to your destiny!
  3. Ask for help!- Do you know someone who  has been in this situation and can provide guidance or offer other suggestions? Sometimes we tend to think we can do something on our own. And there will be situations where you can do things on your own. However it is hard to take over the world when you are by yourself. Don't be afraid to bring in others who can help you reach your goal but in a quicker more efficient process.
  4. I'm I being reasonable?- I believe that dreams are great! You need them in order to go anywhere in life! Sometimes we tend to want our dreams in unrealistic timelines or circumstances. Perhaps you want to be a millionaire and work for yourself. This is a great dream that can turn into a reality! However, your plan is to play the lottery everyday for 30 days. If you don't hit then you will take it as a sign that entrepreneurship isn't for you. You just may be lucky enough to win that jackpot! Unfortunately, the odds may be completely against you. Now you've wasted valuable time and energy on a plan that may not have been thoroughly vetted. Sometimes we have to step back and check to see what are the limitations of our plan.
  5. Re-evaluate my plan-Many times, it's not the actual item in our way, but how we have approached the situation altogether. Maybe we added too many unnecessary steps or wasted too much money on non factors! Maybe we can still make that million, but let's try creating a product that we can really get behind!


Sometimes you have to weigh your options even if you felt like you didn't have any. I believe that anything is possible, you just have to make it bend to your will.

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