While you were sleeping, Beyonce was busy dropping her 5th album


Midnight last Thursday, (or Friday morning if you want to be technical) Beyoncé dropped her 5th album by way of ITunes.  No fanfare, no abundance of T.V appearances, no saturation of radio commercials, just an in yo face album release.  Many of you could give two rats’ arses about Bee, and feel that she may be overrated.  This is something that I hear quite often. Which I never really understood why people call her overrated.  I know many artists are underrated and we have some celebrities who are overrated.  In my opinion, every reality star is overrated. I think a person is overrated when they haven’t really contributed much to their craft nor done much for their craft but yet everyone thinks they are awesome.  Let’s breakdown what overrated really means, which is to “Have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved. “(Google.com) Another definition is “to rate or appraise too highly”. (dictionary.com)  Basically, people are saying that she is not as good as she may think she is and as a Beyoncé fan, I have to disagree.  Let’s look at why I do not believe she’s “overrated”  

  1.  Despite not writing her own music, she’s still a musical force- A lot of our favorite musicians did not write their own music.  I've always believed that everyone cannot do everything.  One thing that Beyoncé has done with her songs is sold them to the audience, which is the writer’s intent; to have their product sold to the masses by using a decent vocal vehicle.  She has the ability to bring the song to life and garner a reaction from the public which results in spending money, which is what the writer ultimately wants.  They want their songs to sell so that they can get paid more, write for a larger clientele, and ultimately up their prices.  Not all writers can sing, so does that make them less of a writer?  If an artist can write a good song and successfully perform it then I think that’s an amazing thing, but I do not believe it should overshadow other artist’s skillsets.
  2. She made having junk in the truck awesome-                                                                            I remember when “Bootylicious” came out.   I was growing into a young woman but not like other chicks.  They were growing in height.  I was growing hips, butt, and boobs, and chicks were on the low clowning me because I wasn’t built straight up and down.  However, to see a chick on the screen who has booty and owned it was amazing to me! We had someone who reflected a curvaceous woman, which I was becoming and didn't feel like a weirdo.  Now everybody wants a big booty!!  She has definitely tightened up since then but she still has that thang back there.
  3. A Lifelong performer-She didn’t come from a family that was already prominent in the music business or had a musical legacy.  Since she was a little girl she performed in talent shows, went to summer training camps, in effort to prepare her for the music industry.  Not solely to be just a pretty face but also a capable vocalist.  I remember watching a documentary of Destiny’s Child summer camp training and they had to sing in harmony, on key, while running.  You know what I’m doing when I’m running? Focusing on not passing out.  Kudos Ladies!
  4. She’s classy- Now I know many people feel like she isn’t because of her seductive dances or the way she dresses on stage; however what people fail to recognize is that she is a performer.  There is a different between fantasy and reality.  Performers’ dress attire is supposed to take you away from reality.   Give you oohs and ahhs, make you feel like you are in a world of wonderment.  Entertain you, if you will.  However, the attire also differs from reality.  When you see the paparazzi taking pics of her in public she’s wearing comfortable or fashion everyday clothing. Last time I checked ain’t nothing wrong with looking cute every day.
  5. Have you seen her concerts!?!?? -  She works hard and has only cancelled one concert in her years of performing.  That woman puts blood, sweat and tears on that stage and holds nothing back.  Do I think she is the best dancer? No. But I think she performs her dances so well that it doesn’t matter.  Not too many artist can sing (live) and dance and still do both in a great capacity.  Even if you aren’t a fan, if you go to a Beyoncé concert you will find yourself getting wrapped up in Sasha’s fierceness.
  6. All her albums have been number 1- I’mma just sit that right there.
  7. She seems like a down to earth chick- I remember watching MTV cribs, the Destiny’s Child episode(I wish they would bring that back) and this was back when I didn’t like her and I just thought they seemed annoying. What it was really was the fact that she was just being her.  When Kanye west interrupted Taylor Swifts’ thank you speech she used her time to allow Taylor to have her moment. (major cool points!) In many interviews, she doesn’t come off as a Diva, or a B*tch, just as herself. Someone said that the way she speaks makes her sound dumb because she wasn’t speaking quickly enough for them, but I think that is what gets a lot of celebrities in trouble because they don’t think before they talk. They say whatever comes to mind, and cause a lot of tabloid issues. She's enjoys her fans and loves their support.  You may say, “you don’t know her”, well I don’t know you either, but that doesn’t mean you are jerk.



There are many more reasons out there but these are things that makes me enjoy her as a performer.  You may be thinking, there are better people out there.  DUH, there is always going to be someone better than the next. There are people better than you and I. However, when I see her perform I don’t want to see someone performing with the mentality of “well I shouldn’t do my thing, because it won’t matter.” I want to see her bust it open and turn that cherry out! Hair flips and all.  I’m not saying that you have to like Beyoncé; all I’m saying is find a new word to use instead of “Overrated”. Because if you look at her life, her sales, her body and body of work I think she’s rated just fine.