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Woman is Drugged and Sexually Assaulted On Camera and Nobody Cared

The young woman went live several times on Facebook showing herself having a good time on her birthday trip. In on of her videos she shows herself dancing with a man in a black beanie and a black/white T-shirt. It appeared that she didn't know the man she was dancing with but was alert and having a drink while they socialized.

In her first several videos she's very vibrant and energetic while the man in the beanie appears to also be enjoying himself as well.

Moments later, the young lady appears to be dazed and lethargic while the man in the beanie that she had been dancing with prior is grabbing on her and assaulting her on film revealing her breasts and vagina on the Facebook broadcast.

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Death in Costa Rica: The Tragic Disappearance of Carla Stefaniak

A frequent user of social media, her family immediately knew something was wrong. Her family contacted the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica and local law enforcement to alert them that Carla was missing. A witness stated that he saw her get into a car at 5 am to head to the airport. But her family says it couldn't be true because Stefaniak was frequently tardy and was 20-30 minutes away from the airport and wouldn't leave until later that afternoon.

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Time Can Heal All Wounds and Friendships: Just Ask Destiny's Child

Latavia and Letoya attempted to form a music group together, but it ultimately fell apart. Letoya went on to have minor success with a solo career and launched a clothing boutique leading her to become a successful entrepreneur. Latavia starred in several stage plays and had success with a few reality television shows including R&B Divas. The ladies publicly stopped slandering each other, but the hurt feelings were still there.

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Missing Woman Found Dead; Frustrated Mother Wants Answers

Keiana Rogers never imagined her life without her daughter, Nickeisha Holloman (known as Keisha to her friends and family). Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Keisha was a fun and loving 23-year-old woman who loved her family, friends, and living life.  Like most young adults, Keisha was in the discovery stage of her life and was working on creating her path. July 1st was the last day Keiana spoke to her daughter. She caught a ride to a hair appointment but never made it. 

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It Wasn't Your Fault: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse

Not in a million years did she think she would have been in this situation. She did her due diligence in identifying a good in-home provider. She checked the necessary government sites to ensure that the day care was a quality establishment. She spoke to other parents who brought their children to the daycare, yet her daughter was still a victim of sexual abuse. However, Keke’s quick reaction time, ability to pay attention to detail, and communication skills helped her convict and put away a child predator.

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Beautiful Teen Slain in Oakland, California

The stabbing of the two sisters appears as a random attack at the MacArthur station. The suspect was a heavy set white man who appeared in his 20s and 30s with short hair, fled the scene and is still at large.

Late Sunday night, friends, relatives, and just people who were touched by this tragedy gathered to show support and remember the beautify Nia Wilson.

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Morgan Freeman May Have Been Outed As Having A Sexual Relationship With His Step Granddaughter

Once Freeman released his statement, it appeared that the rumors died down until a tragic event happened in 2015.  E'dena Hines was murdered by her boyfriend Lamar Davenport on August 16th outside of their Washington Heights apartments.  Neighbors reportedly could hear Hines screaming as Davenport stabbed her 25 times, while possibly shouting religious phrases. Attorney's for Davenport allege that they were both high on PCP and that the murder wasn't premeditated which is why he is being charged with Second Degree Murder. 

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Aziz Ansari, Sexual Harassment and 3 Things Women Need to Know

We have to be cautious on what we call assault as this can become a slippery slope when addressing relations with the opposite sex. Of course there are major infractions that we obviously can call assault, but now we are getting to a granular level of what may be deemed as assault to others, can also be seen as miscommunication to some.  However the line of sexual assault is at times thin. We may not be able to categorize every instance of assault but what we can do is learn how to navigate those situations so that we can walk away with our dignity.     I do agree that Ansari was probably thirsty, but I hesitate at calling it a true assault because he could easily interpret her actions as welcoming. 

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Business Owner Denies Refund to Deceased Client’s Estate

McCloud later took to Facebook to support her decision in not refunding the $350 due to Ariyan’s  signed contract at the time the deposit was paid.  Unfortunately, many people on social media strongly disagreed with McCloud’s decision.  The post she made was shared over 14,000 times and was littered with responses in support of Ariyan’s mom.  McCloud received so much backlash over her response that she ultimately had to shut down her original Facebook business page, Executively Made. 

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Ginuwine Opted Not to Kiss a Trans Woman on TV, but Why isThere Outrage?

Another issue is in this day in age sexual assault is the hot topic of all social media outlets.  It’s not just relegated to women as men have been victims of sexual assault also.  I bring this up to say, is this not sexual assault? Why is no one calling her out on forcibly trying to kiss a man who clearly was not interested from the get go? Everyone is focused on him expressing that he didn’t want to date someone who was formally a man, yet they give her a pass for pushing herself on someone.

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