Make Your Instagram Pictures Pop With A Color Story

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In today's world, a good picture says a million words, or over 70 million in Instagram's case. Instagram, is a social media platform that showcases millions of videos and pictures from active users around the world. Many people desire to rank #1 but have a hard time doing so for a multitude of reasons.

Instagram Photos

One main reason is that the quality of the photo is not as eye-catching as the user believes. Many of Instagram's top photos have breathtaking backgrounds or a picture perfect scene, instantly garnering millions of likes and reposts.

Instagram Travel Photos

From club scenes to travel locations, Instagram users constantly try to one up each other by creating memorable shots that will get them noticed by large brands. By garnering the attention of this big brands, Instagrammers could potentially have their photos reposted or used in national campaigns, resulting in free swag or cash money dollars.

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For some, Instagram is a business which when taken seriously can become another source of financial security. For others, Instagram is just a fun place to connect and give others a little snippet into their lives. Regardless of your reason, many Instagrammers, Bloggers, and social media marketers have the same issue: How can they create beautiful photos without spending tons of hours and time?

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Being able to take a good picture isn't just about being in a beautiful area. I've seen people travel to the most beautiful cities in the world, but their pictures didn't pop like they had hope and only garnered a few likes. If you desire better photos for your page, your blog, or just because you are a perfectionist, you have to try A Color Story.

A Color Story

A Color Story is a free app that offers preset filters, effects, and other decorations to enhance the visual beauty of your pictures. This app will quickly and easily apply filters with just a click of a button.

A Color Story

Take your everyday photos and make something crazy and cool.

Or take a beautiful backdrop and increase the vibrant colors for a more eyecatching shot.

A Color Story

When downloading A Color Story the app comes with basic effects and filters with catchy names such as 'Pop Song' or 'Blue Skies'. If you want more creativity, you can download additional filters and effects for as low as $1.99!

1. Download the app from the Apple store or Google Play.

2. Once downloaded, access the app from your phone

3. You have two options you should initially use; ‘Albums’ and ‘Camera’. (Albums if you want to use photos that you've already taken with your phone and Camera if you want to take new pictures on the spot. For this tutorial we will use Albums.)

4. Select ‘Albums’

5. Select the picture that you want to edit

6. Once you make your selection, you will see options to crop, resize, or flip your photo. Once you pick your features to edit, select continue

7. Now you will have several choices to edit your picture; Filter, Effects, Tools

8. When you select either tools you are able to edit your picture to whatever your heart desires

9. If you find a filter that you would like to use for all your pictures, select the small heart symbol placed on the bottom left hand of the picture

10. Once you select your desired filter, select the check mark to continue

11. To add effects, scroll to the back button to go back to the previous page. ( If you do this, you will not lose your selected filter.)

12. Select the next icon to add your desired effect

13. Once you finished your selections, click the review button in the top right corner. You can save and grid or you can just save. For now, select 'just save'

14. Now you can select the "Share" button and you are ready to go!

A Color Story is an easy app to use and will give your photos an amazing pop of color!

Download your version for desktop here, or go to your phone's store to download this free app!