It Starts With An Idea....

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So many people ask me questions about starting a business.  I love the questions! Not only does it get my mental juices flowing, but it allows me to connect with other like minded individuals. 

Starting a business can be a scary thing that takes tons of work, effort, blood, sweat, and plenty of tears.  However, anything worth having always takes work. If it has the ability to be great, it is not something that can be completed overnight. Many people who are growing businesses have taken years to grow their business into a self sustaining vehicle and leave the world or corporate. 


The work that is needed to make a business turns a lot of people away from it, however, when you have something that is marketable and you are passionate about it, your ideas can be that business you are looking for.  

When people ask me about what they should do for a business, I ask them "What are you good at?" or "What do you like to do?".  For some strange reason this stumps them. They normally respond with "I don't know" or they fall back on what they do for a main job.

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I honestly prefer people to say "they don't know", rather than fall back on what they do for a living as something they are good at doing because it's a guided answer.  You've worked at your job for 'X' amount of years. You are naturally going to fall back on that being something that you are good at doing. After all, if you have done it for as long as you have done it, you obviously have to be decent at that job. 

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Do not take 'being good' at your job and 'what you are good at doing', as meaning the same thing. Many people are good at a job because it is necessary, not because it is something they actually want to do. They fell into their position because of a need. Perhaps they started a family and needed to support them. Maybe they are fresh out of college and have bills to pay. How about mom and dad are ready for you to leave and you need steady cash flow asap?


Your job is a job. But it isn't a business.  There are duties from your job that can grow into a business, but we will cover that a bit later. 

All businesses started with an idea. If you are going to work for yourself, do something that you genuinely are interested in. You've worked your tail off doing a lot of things that aren't really "your thing".  Why not find something that aligns with what you like and create a way to make a living out of it?

A business starts with an idea and it only takes one good idea to make you self sufficient.