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Trying to grow your Instagram page can be exhausting! Especially if you are doing it by hand.

Posting 3 times a day (at the right times) is the standard for keeping your profile engaging and increasing your followers. However, it can be a daunting task to run to your phone like a mad man three times a day to post your content.

But what if you miss the cut off time? What if you are late? What if you don't know what to post?

The best way bloggers get around physically posting their content is by using automated apps (or social media management tools) to publish their content.

What the what does it mean to use automation to post your content?!?!?

Automation is when a process is completed by a system or application and has little to no manual involvement. This is a great perk to have with your social media management tool.

Think of it like a crock pot. Set the ingredients in the pot, set the time for completion and voila, you have a grand meal!

This is the same idea with using automated social media management tools. Every day, you shouldn't spend tons of time posting content. You could be using that time to do other things, such as finding new leads or networking.

Social media is a fickle place, and if you aren't active and present to potential new followers, you may get lost in the sea of Instagram pages. The more you post, the better your chances are that your intended market will see your content. In addition to publishing three times a day, posting at specific times during the day increases your chances of being viewed by your audience.

By automating your content, you will not have to worry about when to post or what to post, because you'll have it already set up and ready to go!

What Social Media Management Tool Should You Use?

I have used several social media management tools, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Crowdfire, and several other social media posting apps. Of the ones that I have tried, I had issues with the pricing being too high, not enough features, and unable to post to Instagram without malfunctioning.

I discovered a friend using Apphi and decided to watch their use of the app first before I jumped in. In using Apphi, they increased their followers by 5K in one month!* I was shocked because it took me several years to get to 4,000 followers!

Now they were able to expand their reach for their promotions page and gain more clientele as well. Because they continued posting regularly and engaging their audience, their page showed tremendous growth, and of course, I had to try it.

I'm usually doing 20 things a minute so posting regular content is not my strong suite. Trying Apphi changed of all that. A couple of hours on the weekend and my social media is set for the week! Now I can focus on engaging with my audience, sharing the love with other bloggers profiles, and more time to focus on the other parts of my business.

Why Apphi?

As I previously said, I've tried several automated social media apps, and Apphi is by far my favorite. Here are a few reasons why you must try this social media manager:

I can manage several social media accounts from this one app with unlimited post content.

In other apps, I was limited to the number of posts that I could publish which was a little frustrating. I have several pages that I manage for my products and that I maintain for smaller companies. I can list up to 5 pages and schedule unlimited posts for each page. If I need help with planning my content, I can add a team member who can access the app and schedule content as well.

I can bulk schedule my content

Content creation can take a lot of time by itself, let alone, having to upload each post to social media. With Apphi, you can do a bulk scheduling of your content to either your storyline or your page. You can even program Apphi with preselected times so that when you upload your content, it will automatically schedule to those times.

I can easily repost and share other creators content.

I LOVE that Apphi gives you the ability to search Instagram for content that compliments your niche and allows you to repost while giving credit to the original content creator. As we know, it isn't always about us; it's great that we can share other content and help each other grow.

No need for an Instagram business page, Apphi provides in-depth analytics.

Send us the numbers because that's what we want right? How do you know what is working and how do you know what isn't? Analytics, of course!

Apphi is the social media management tool that will break down how many followers you have lost or gained within a specified time. So if you want to see how many followers you've gained from 6 pm to 7 pm, you can do that. You can also see the stats of each post and gauge what works with your audience and what doesn't.

What Do You Have To Lose?

I've been using Apphi for a month and have increased my followers by 1,000. I can't wait to see how much better it'll get in the future! I love making things simple and easy. I also love having time back in my day. Apphi allows me to have all of that! I’ve tried many Social Media Management apps but this one has definitely taken my breath away. I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself.

Want to try out this cool social media management tool? Try Apphi for yourself!

*Results may vary depending on the other strategies that you may have in place to grow your social media platform.

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