Use These 3 Free Steps To Increase Your Website Traffic NOW!

Building traffic to your website can be such a pain, especially when you are broke and want to reach as many people as possible on a budget. There are thousands of other sites available, and it can be overwhelming battling for traffic with many other major competitors. Some feel that ads are the best and only ways to improve traffic to their website. Although ads are a great way to bring quick traffic to your site, there are plenty of free ways to increase traffic to your website.

If You Only Build It, They May Not Come

Understanding how to increase traffic to your website is vital, especially when you think about all the time it took for you to create your site. You sat and took the time to craft a fantastic website. You added all the bells and whistles that you could so that your site can be the best of the best. You spent countless hours writing articles, creating email lists, and anything else to make sure that your website stands out from the crowd.

After you have completed your website and a month goes by, you begin to notice that you haven't had any visitors to your webpage. But you aren't worried after this point. After all, didn't they say it can take some time? All you have to do is be patient, right?

After six months of being 'patient,' you looked at your analytics and realized you've had a whopping total of 20 people visit your site in 6 months. It seems like it is time to stop being patient and start being proactive in increasing the amount of traffic to your page.

When growing traffic to your website, there are several things that you can implement to get out of your dry traffic spell. Some methods will show results quickly, while others may take a little time to kick in. If you use all the free practices described in this post, you will be shocked at your increased traffic and so happy that you did not wait a year to take action!

3 Free Steps To Increase Your Website Traffic NOW!

Get Active On Social Media!

Social media is easy and free marketing for today's entrepreneur. Social media provides you with the ability to connect with thousands of people from all over the world. You can build your brand and promote your products without ever having to spend a dime! Whether you have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, these are great opportunities to share your brand and your brand website. Take the time to share an ongoing sale or post a blog article from your site. You could also discuss a problem with your audience while tying in how your service could resolve said issue.

But remember, social media is about being social. Do not just post information about your items and wait for others to like and share your posts. Engagement is the name of the game! Take the time to comment on your followers content. Like their pictures and also share their posts. Building a relationship with your audience will warm them up to your brand and encourage them to visit your site to see what you have to offer.

Also, do not forget to utilize the description part of your social media profile. Some will create a social media profile and will leave the description area blank. They will also neglect to add a picture to their profile, leaving money on the table. Your profile page is an additional space for free marketing, so include as much as you can about yourself and your website. Tell your audience what your brand is about and even add a link back to your site.

Social media is a great way to gain traffic and using services such as Social Media Rockstar, can help you take that traffic and monetize it!s

Pinterest should be your best friend!

Millions of users currently use Pinterest, but unlike other social media sites, users are using Pinterest as a search engine. Many people do not realize that Pinterest is not just a site for crafters. It is a great site that can be used to bring traffic to your site. Pinterest dubs itself as a "visual discovery engine" that can be utilized for finding fashion ideas, home decor tips, and more. However, did you know that you can use Pinterest to send traffic to your website?

By creating personalized pins and linking those pins to your website, you could dramatically increase the number of visitors to your site with ease! There are even some apps available online to help you with managing your pins to make sure they are being viewed at the right time by the right people. Try using Tailwind to automatically schedule you pins to help increase traffic. Creating eye-catching pins and using keywords in the descriptions of your pins will help bring new visitors to your site effortlessly!

Love to create content? Guest posting may be right for you!

While you are working on being social online, you should also work on building connections with other people. Building these relationships may allow you the opportunity to create guest posts for others. Guest posting is an excellent way for you to drive additional traffic to your webpage. Creating blog posts for other businesses or bloggers is a great way to gain exposure to another audience for free!

Guest posting is great because you are not solely focusing on how to grow your brand. You are also helping out a fellow entrepreneur by adding content to their site. To guest post for someone's website, it does not require too much effort on your end. You have to look at the connections that you have been making online or seek out those who may be interested in your niche.

To start your guest posting journey, you should first, find someone who shares a similar niche or interest to your brand. Next, identify how your brand can compliment the other entrepreneur's brand. For instance, if they have a site that focuses on financial wellness and your niche focuses on travel, you could create a blog post about traveling on a budget.

Finally, create fantastic content for their site and make sure to add your information to the content. That way if the new audience loves your content, they will know how to locate you for more. If you need ideas or help with writing your post check out for more insight on writing articles.

Ready To Give It A Try?

Give your website a quick traffic boost without breaking the bank! By using Pinterest, guest blogging, and social media, you will see your traffic increase instantly. You do not have to go broke to grow your brand. All you have to do is use a little ingenuity and hard work to tap into your desired audience.