TV Binge Hot List 4/9-4/13

I know you guys are looking for something good to watch and luckily for you I have some Bangerz. Come on and let’s get this party started right.

SkinCeuticals ACD


AP Bio (Hulu)

Dennis leaves the gang behind and starts his own show on ABC. AP bio focuses on a disgraced college professor who is now subjugated to teaching high school students AP biology. However, instead of enriching these young children's minds, he chooses to focus on how to get back at an old colleague who he blames for his misfortunes. Each episode follows his insane adventures in dealing with women, being a bad teacher, and inadvertently becoming a mentor to his students who are pretty quirky themselves. Based in Toledo Ohio, if you are of a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you will enjoy this cheeky comedy.

Thursdays at 8:30pm EST on ABC

SkinCeuticals ACD


Roxanne Roxanne (Netflix)

Failed by her surroundings and the music industry, this movie focuses on the early teenage years of hip hop pioneer, Roxanne Shante. Garnering attention for her ground breaking battle rapping skills, Roxanne Shante is a teenager in the projects who is just trying to survive and help her tough as nails mother (played by Nia Long) raise her younger siblings in the Queens, New York. As she tries to survive the projects, Roxanne Shante finds herself in an abusive relationship and growing up much faster than she should have to. This movie reminds you of a time in the 80s where everyone in the community knew each other and hip-hop was just making its way into mainstream America. A nostalgic movie filled with old school rhymes and 80 style.

The Good Doctor (Hulu)

Dr. Shaun Murphy is a resident surgeon with exceptional knowledge, intelligence, and is also autistic. Faced with having to learn how to cope in a world that is not meant for someone like him, Dr. Shaun is repeatedly forced to show everyone that he deserves to be there just like any other person who is not autistic. Although there are many negative opinions about his ability to do the work initially, he eventually wins over the respect of the other residents while learning to understand human emotions and interaction. Based off a Korean drama, The Good Doctor is heart warming with unexpected laughs, causing us to rethink what "normal" truly means.