TV Binge Hot List 4/16-4/20

Fear The Walking Dead (Hulu)

I’ve watched the walking dead a few times and I just couldn’t get into it. Which weirds me out that I’m super interested in this prequel spinoff. Based out of Los Angeles, California, this series focuses on the initial onset of the apocalypse.  Several families ban together to survive the deadly outbreak and ultimately are changed by trying to endure the collapse of everything around them.  One thing I will share is that you mustn’t get attached to anyone! They will be ripped from the group without a moment’s notice.  You just have to guess, which one is next.

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC


7 Seconds (Netflix)

Brent Butler is a young black male that is accidentally hit by a car driven by a white police officer. Left for dead, Butler’s family deals with the fallout from their son’s grave injuries while trying to fight the corrupt police cover up of the hit and run. You find yourself rooting for the young man's family to receive justice as they are faced with public defamation of their son’s character, tons of lies, and emotional distress that threatens to destroy the Butler family.  After watching this I became a bit angry with the justice system but it is a must watch that kept me on my edge of the seat waiting to see what the final outcome would be for all those involved. Unfortunately, it has been announced that this series will not see a second season.  Make sure to check it out on Netflix!


Altered Carbon (Netflix)


Takeshi Kovacs is brought back to the land of the living 250 years after he was killed. The reason? To find out who killed one of the wealthiest men in their worlds. With his mercenary and investigative skills, Kovacs takes on the job, but there may be more than what meets the eye. This show is full of sci –fi thrills and futuristic inventions such as having the ability to transfer your consciousness into another body, or sleeve as it is referenced.  From  beginning to end, this series was nothing but non-stop action and fight scenes that made me want to get up and act them out, but then I realized it’s been a while since I’ve stretched so I should probably sit down. Your eyes will stay glued to this series and wondering about the possibilities of our future.

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