TV Binge Hot List 7/22-7/28

It's been a minute, but i've got the goods you need! Running out of things to binge and need some ideas? Let me share what's on my list!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

What happens when you take a woman who has been held in captivity in a bunker for 15 years, and has an unbreakable spirit, and set her loose in the mean streets of New York? You get Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Armed with an 8 grade education, Kimmy experiences new growing pains such as love, the 2000s, and social norms. Kimmy has a can do attitude with a love for helping others. I love the lighthearted comedy and the quirky, satirical writing.  Plus let's not forget that Titus is definitely fun to watch! Follow Kimmy, Titus, and the rest of the crew for season 4.



Orange Is The New Black

Piper Chapman wanted a luxurious life that would take her on new adventures, but what she ended up with was a prison term. Based off the book by Piper Kerman, OITNB follows several women as they live their complicated lives in prison. I do enjoy watching the series but feel like the story line has gotten a little wonky, but the characters and their personal stories keep me coming back. Season 6th is prepared to start on July 27th, so you have a few days to catch up!


Marvel’s Luke Cage

Harlem’s superhero Luke Cage begins to embrace his people appointed title, until a new bad ass by the name of BushMaster enters town. Confronted with several existential dilemmas, Luke Cage may not come out of this hero thing the same. A black super hero who is virtually unstoppable? Thank you! Besides the "sweet Christmas" phrase (which is his catch phrase from the comics) Luke Cage is all modern and no cheese! Plus, Mike Colter is dreamy on screen. I could use a cup of coffee with him myself! lol Season 2 is out now!