What To Watch Next On Netflix

The month of February is bringing some heavy hitting movie power for Netflix subscribers. Each month I am becoming more impressed with Netflix’s options. They are bringing to viewers movies that rival what's playing in the theaters or on television. Netflix's new movies are also bringing to the screen fresh faces such as Angely Gaviria of Always a Witch and Emmy Raver-Lampman of the Umbrella Academy.

This weekend, get ready to snuggle up with your boo or your hand and check out these must-see titles.

1. The Umbrella Academy

43 women around the world suddenly give birth to babies that would grow up to have extraordinary powers. 7 of these children are adopted by an eccentric billionaire who grooms them to become superheroes.

Years later (after losing two of their own and breaking up) the siblings are brought back together after a major tragedy. Tasked with sorting through old issues, surprising news, and of course trying to save the world, the Hargreeves clan must learn to let the past go in order to work together.

Based on the Dark Horse comic, The Umbrella Academy is a quirky and interesting story with a badass soundtrack. Pace yourself people because you will want to pay attention to every moment.

2. Kevin Hart's Guide To Black History

Now I have to admit, I thought that this movie would be super corny. And in a sense, it was, but not in a bad way. In a way that made me wish that I had my nephews here to watch it as a group. It was educational and great for children of all ages to learn history without the boring lectures. I was even surprised at some of the information they were sharing because I hadn't heard it before. I loved the reenactments featuring a few other familiar faces who helped bring Hart's stories to life.

3.Russian Doll

Nicky Nichols has her own show and it's called Russian Doll. Oops, I'm getting my shows mixed up! I meant, Natasha Lyonne who played Nicky Nichols from Orange is The New Black is the lead character of Russian Doll. Much like her character on OITNB, Nichols play Nadia Vulvokov who is a wise cracking female Joe Pesci, but without the anger issues. Lyonne's character dies every day, each time "restarting" her life in a bathroom where her birthday party is being held. As she tries to figure out what the hell is going on, she finds an awkward guy who is experiencing the same fate. Together, through trial and error, they piece together clues to better understand what is going on and reflect on the personal problems.

Which one did you watch and what do you think? Can you tell which one is my favorite?

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