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TV Binge Hot List 4/16-4/20

Left for dead, Butler’s family deals with the fallout from their son’s grave injuries while trying to fight the corrupt police cover up of the hit and run. You find yourself rooting for the young man's family to receive justice as they are faced with public defamation of their son’s character, tons of lies, and emotional distress that threatens to destroy the Butler family. 

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TV Binge Hot List 4/9-4/13

Dennis leaves the gang behind and starts his own show on ABC. AP bio focuses on a disgraced college professor who is now subjugated to teaching high school students AP biology. However, instead of enriching these young children's minds, he chooses to focus on how to get back at an old colleague who he blames for his misfortunes. Each episode follows his insane adventures in dealing with women, being a bad teacher, and inadvertently becoming a mentor to his students who are pretty quirky themselves.

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TV Binge Hot List 2/26-3/02

I don't have cable because it is so expensive! The bill is easily $130 a month and that's not including the channels that I actually would want to watch. Plus, I only watch about 3 channels which is Investigation Discovery, TV One, and Cartoon Network...maybe.  I resort to using Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other tv streaming services for my means of entertainment.  I always hear people asking, "What should I watch?" Well, as your tv streaming pro, I am more than qualified to answer!

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