Unleash your inner goddess   

Unleash your inner goddess



It all started when…

I got tired of being sad with being single.  I began to realize that there is NOTHING wrong with being single! Everyday the single gal is faced with the every impending question of "when will I get married?" This can be very crazy and driver a woman insane! However, there is so much more to enjoy while being single and waiting for the one to come along. Let's grow together and work on you becoming more comfortable with being single. 

  • Small Business Start Up
    • Learn how to turn your ideas into business
    • Discover what is needed to start a business
    • Identify areas of opportunity for your small start up
  • Personal Development
    • Set goals that have been difficult to attain
    • Learn how to discover your purpose
    • Learn to be more comfortable being single
  • Dating Coach
    • Learn how to better enjoy dating
    • Create ways to become more engaging on your dates
    • Discover how to get out of your comfort zone

Reach out to me so we discuss your goals and how I can bring additional value to you and your life goals. 



Freelance Blogging

Do you run a business site, but don't have time to consistently blog? I have written for several sites and enjoy researching and blogging.  Inbox me for details so that I can help you reach your goals!