Chocolate Explosion Ice Cream Sundae

A couple weekends back, I had the pleasure of keeping all three of my nephews and 2 of their friends for the weekend. Why? Because obviously I love pain. But seriously as "Aunt Payne" I love to get my nephews and just have a blast. Plus, If you get them hopped up on sugar they will bounce around like a pinball machine which is great when you have a big backyard.  I decided to create a fun treat so that they will have a memorable time with their auntie, because times go so fast. I remember when I had to hide in the closet to eat a piece of bread because they wanted to have a piece of everything I had. Now they tell me they are too big for me to help them tie their shoes.  :( Welp, what can you do? I know! Give you all this delicious recipe!

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Pom Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe

I love a refreshing cocktail! One that has spring vibes and an adult flavor.   Not too heavy but just enough to get the conversation started and the memories created.   This is a drink that I would serve on my patio, while playing some type of group game, like Cards Against Humanity or Charades. Whatever kick back you decide to have, why not try this refreshingly delicious drink!

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Try This Authentic Pho Recipe!

love this pho soup, especially during cold winters like this.  I tried it for the first time at my job.  They liked to bring in specialty guest restaurants throughout the week.  I like to be adventurous and thought I would give this place of pleasantries a try.  I mean it had a few things I liked, cilantro, meat, lime.   For some reason, I associated it with tacos al pastor.  I guess due to the cilantro and lime in the mix....I don't know, shut up.  Anyway, I tasted it and became instantly addicted.  The flavors were amazing and so fresh, so clean! I was in heaven!  I searched the internet left and right, and found a recipe that even I can do! You know, cause I'm a klutz.  

P.S. Can someone tell me how to pronounce it? I'm sure it can't be Fo', can it?

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