Pom Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe

I Am Ready For Spring!

vodka cocktail

I love a refreshing cocktail! One that has spring vibes and an adult flavor.   Not too heavy but just enough to get the conversation started and the memories created.   This is a drink that I would serve on my patio, while playing some type of group game, like Cards Against Humanity or Charades. Whatever kick back you decide to have, why not try this refreshingly delicious drink!


1. Cut half a lemon and a lime.  Use one half of the lemon and lime, and squeeze the juice into the glass.  I use a lemon/lime squeezer that helps me get as much juice from the fruit as possible. Put aside the other half of the lime and lemon for later use. 

2. Use one jigger of Vodka.  I like my drinks with a bit of kick, so I would advise to start with 1, but feel free to jump to 2 jiggers. 

3. Add one part of 7UP or any other fizzy drink. You can also substitute for sparkling water to get that same fizzy taste, but with out all the sugar.

4. Add a splash of Pom pomegranate juice for additional flavor, but feel free to add more to enhance the tart and sweet taste.

5. Slice up the saved parts of the lime and lemon to use as garnish.

6. Add Ice and enjoy!

silicone ice tray

If you like this recipe or have questions, please leave a comment below and don't forget to share! 

Pom Fizzy Fun Cocktail Recipe