Super Fruity Strawberry Daiquiri

It's summer and it is super hot! I didn't have a lot of daiquiri mixer left and I had to entertain a couple guests.  What did I do? Improvise! I am a smoothie fanatic and I definitely was happy by my choices! It was a fresh fruity taste and fun to create!


Super Fruity Strawberry Daiquiri

2 Cups Frozen Strawberries

1 Cup Of Tito's Vodka

Fresh Strawberries for Garnish






1. Measure out 2 cups of frozen strawberries into the blender.

2. Add 1 cup of Tito's Vodka

3. Blend 

4. Prior to pouring, take honey and outline the rim of the glass

5. Take sugar and pour onto a flat plate or saucer

6. Take the honey covered rim and place into sugar creating a sugar rim around the glass

7. Pour in drink mix.

8. Garnish with strawberry

9. Serve and Enjoy!


Serves 2-4 people. Thickness can be determined by adding more or less frozen strawberries.