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Chocolate Explosion Ice Cream Sundae

A couple weekends back, I had the pleasure of keeping all three of my nephews and 2 of their friends for the weekend. Why? Because obviously I love pain. But seriously as "Aunt Payne" I love to get my nephews and just have a blast. Plus, If you get them hopped up on sugar they will bounce around like a pinball machine which is great when you have a big backyard.  I decided to create a fun treat so that they will have a memorable time with their auntie, because times go so fast. I remember when I had to hide in the closet to eat a piece of bread because they wanted to have a piece of everything I had. Now they tell me they are too big for me to help them tie their shoes.  :( Welp, what can you do? I know! Give you all this delicious recipe!

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