Light Room Presets

Light Room Presets

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Ever have pictures come out too dark and you miss the details? Perhaps you have an awesome shot but want to enhance some of the shaded details? These free photo filters are a great addition to your every day editing. These filters for pictures is best used with Photoshop Lightroom. (Mobile and Desktop versions) Don’t let great shots fall by the waste side. Improve the quality of your pictures while enhancing the natural background. Grab your free photo filters online today!

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How To Upload Preset.

  1. After purchase of item, file will download at the bottom of the desktop computer.

  2. Locate file and unzip Black

  3. Open Lightroom software.

  4. Select the file option on the tool bar.

  5. Select import ‘profiles and presets’.

  6. Choose the location of unzip files and select the 7 presets to be added.

  7. Once added select the edit option located within Lightroom.

  8. Scroll down to presets and select “User Presets”.

  9. Once the presets have been added to your desktop version, the presets will automatically upload to the mobile version.

  10. You are now able to use the filters to make awesome memories, enjoy!