Teach Me How To Blog, The Best EWorkbook For Blogging

Teach Me How To Blog, The Best EWorkbook For Blogging

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Are you someone who is ready to start blogging but not sure how?

Do you have tons of great ideas to write about for your blog, but you lack organization?

Is it hard to keep up with a blogging schedule because you don't have a set schedule?


Are you a blogger that has the hardest time coming up and organizing your content?

If any of these issues are something you can relate to, then you are in the right spot!

"Teach Me How To Blog" has helped many bloggers start their blogging journey or improve their current blogger process. Blogging is made easy with the step-by-step layouts available in this fantastic eworkbook.

Creating a blog can be challenging especially if, in the beginning, you don't have a stable implementation plan. If you set up your blog up correctly in the beginning, you will have more flexibility down the road should you chose to take your blogging hobby to a viable income stream.

You may be asking "Why is it important to create your blog with mindfulness? I want to blog!"

Many people who blog, intended for an audience of people to read and share their content. Many bloggers struggle with gaining an audience and often it isn't because their content is weak, but it's because their blog is missing critical pieces that allow the blogger to grown exponentially.

But first, how can blogging help you?

Maybe you have a business, and you want to attract people to your store but can't afford thousands of dollars in marketing, a blog can help you!

Perhaps you have an idea or issue that you want to bring attention to, but you only know ten people and want to reach a broader audience, blogging can help.

Or, what if you want to create a blog that earns you income on a regular basis? Building a solid foundation now can help you in the long run.

In 2013, I created a blog website called Lifeisablast13.org. I thought the name was awesome because I wanted to show people how enjoying life is the best way to live. I wrote personal pieces, how to guides, and many other forms of content. I put tons of effort into my blog, all for me to gain less than 100 readers for the whole year.

Sad, right?

Naturally, I super was bummed. I thought my content was the reason why many people weren't viewing my website. I researched copywriting, took more creative writing classes, and read tons of books about the art of storytelling to improve my writing skills. But still, my traffic only slightly increased and this left me defeated.

It wasn't until later that I learned that your blog should be created mindfully to be successful. Being mindful means, you must put serious thought into your blog website to ensure that the right audience can reach you, or even recognize that you are out here creating content.

With a blog named "Life is a Blast 13", no one knew what I was talking about nor what was my niche. No one could understand my niche based on that name, which is one of many reasons why my site did not garner the attention that I thought it deserved.

After I shut down my webpage, I went back to the drawing board. I started working on a blog that would do better than my last one but still shared the type of content that I wanted to share with my targeted audience.

Some people will say you should blog about what is popular so that you can shoot to the top of the blogosphere. That may help, but if that topic is something that you don't know about or care to know about, how does that truly help you in the long run?

This eworkbook promotes and encourages mindful blog website creation as well as mindful blog planning. You will find that this eworkbook offers the following:

A Blog Builder Template

Step-By-Step Blog Creation Guide That Will Help You With Setting Up Your Blog Website

Blogging Analytics Worksheet To Better Understand How Your Website is Doing in a Month Over Month fashion.

A Theme Template To Help You Write Better Blog Posts

and more!

The great thing about this eworkbook is that it is interactive. This feature means that you do not have to print off the workbook to use it, but you can type directly into the document. Now, there's no more searching for that misplaced journal or unwanted visitors spilling beverages on your papers. (Ouch!) This eworkbook is designed to help you with everyday issues that can make blogging difficult.

When I created my blog initially, I found that blogging sporadically definitely didn't help me grown my audience. They didn't know when to expect my content!

They would try to follow my schedule, but I was all over the place. Then, when I did create content, I felt as if I was forced to blog because I didn't plan my content correctly, leading to poor content and a dwindling audience.

This eworkbook will push you to create your blogging schedule so that you can be consistent and thoughtful in the content that you choose to develop and publish.

This eworkbook is also great for Vlogging!

Vlogging follows many of the same principles of blogging. Things such as planning your content, marketing your content, and how to ensure the right keywords are listed within your description.

The top vloggers create detailed plans that are days, weeks, and even months in advance. In creating purposeful vlogging content, your top vloggers not only have many vlog ideas in their planners but they crank out consistently great content.

Mindfulness is the name of the game! Flying by the seat of your pants will only get you so far. This eworkbook is a must have in your repertoire to start your blogging/vlogging process on the right foot which will help you gain and attract the quality audience that you desire.

The choice is yours. Do you want to be an okay blogger? Or do you want to be the BEST blogger that you can be?

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