Single Gal Services


Looking for unique services and products for the single gal? Check out some of my awesome opportunities that can help you meet your professional and personal life goals! For more information, feel free to drop me a line!


Personal Services


Group Life Progression Coaching

-Help to encourage positivity and become secure with being single


Single Gal Online Courses

-Fostering positivity, self love, and dating courses for woman empowerment



Professional Services


Single Gal Events

-Group Events and Outings for networking and fun

Single Gal Sassy Photos

-Capture your saucee event with our full size selfie booth

Blogging Services

-Freelance blogging for the busy individual

Basic Website Design and Development

-Looking to start your on website but don’t know where to begin? I can help!

Social Media Management For The Small Business

-Need help managing social media? I'm your ga!!




Single Gal Products

For Teens Boutique

matte eyeshadow.jpg

-Stylish accessories for the teen gal ages 13-17