Best Vacations For Single Women: London, England

About London 

Are you looking for the best vacation spots for single women? Let me introduce you to London. The Capital of England and the largest city in the United Kingdom! This means there are A LOT of things to do. With its massive reputation it is one of the most visited cities in the world, along with having major influences in education, entertainment, fashions, tourism and much more. Knowing all this it could be somewhat difficult to know where to start when visiting London due to the never-ending activities you can do in this big city. Fear Not Readers! Being someone who is from London I will give you the lowdown of places to visit.


London Transportation

Best Vacations For Single Women

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If you are going to London, you will obviously use transportation, so for you London’s public transportation is amazing! Here’s some additional tips to make this the best vacation for single women. In London, to access public transport you can either use an Oyster Card, contactless credit/debit card or Travelcard. An Oyster card is used for the public bus, tram and rail services within London and is a great way for single women to get around. It is used to electronically pay for your travel. To use it, top up money on the card at London Stations or even at local corner shops. When using an Oyster card you MUST make sure you touch in and touch out on the yellow readers or you will loose your money. An alternative to Oyster Cards is to buy Day Travelcards, this is a paper ticket. It is advantageous as it allows unlimited travel in a day within the zones outlined on the ticket.

However, paper Travelcards are only valid for a day. If you are staying in London for longer, an Oyster Card might be better as Oyster Cards have day capping. Overall, this can work out cheaper than buying a Day Travelcard. With an Oyster Card or Travelcard transport includes, buses, trams, London Overground, Underground and some National Rail services. I would recommend that you download the app City Mapper when getting around London. Simply type your location and where you want to go, it will show you the fastest route. To use it offline save the route on your phone by pressing the star symbol so you can use it while travelling around.

Best Vacations For Single Women

Places to Visit in London 

Buckingham Palace 

Best Vacations For Single Women

Buckingham Palace is found in the City of Westminster. It is a focal point in Britain as it is the Official Residence of the Queen, who is also a member of the single women club. Due to its importance, it is a very popular tourist attraction, so expect it to get busy. Be aware that during the Changing of the Guard ceremony it becomes overly crowded, if you want to get a good spot to see the ceremony arrive early as it takes place around 10:45 am and lasts approximately 45 minutes. You don’t have to just enjoy Buckingham Palace from outside you can go inside too! For a fee you are able to take a tour around Buckingham Palace, ensure you book and check availability before you go. While at Buckingham Palace St. James Park is right next to Buckingham Palace and is a great place to have a picnic or just relax. St. James Park is next Westminster and St. James Palace. 

Piccadilly Circus 

Best Vacations For Single Women

Still not impressed enough to put this on your list of solo travel? This a famous landmark in the City of Westminster, known as a MASSIVE shopping street of Piccadilly. If shopping till you drop is in on your itinerary then this is the place to be. Piccadilly features the video display and neon lights which you may have seen in films such as The Fast and Furious 6, Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows and many more. As this is a major tourist attraction it really does get busy and perhaps you will meet fellow single women on vacation. People will bump into you and be mannerless but you just have to get used to it and enjoy the atmosphere. You can get to Piccadilly by taking the London Underground station to Piccadilly Circus. Now around Piccadilly Circus there are multiple places to visit: 


If this hasn’t made your list of best vacation spots for single women, we definitely have more! Apparently, the name “SOHO” is linked to his previous history of being a hunting ground and name perhaps derived from a former hunting ground cry. This links to SOHO’s original reputation of being a hunting ground during the 17th century. Soho is now known as being an entertainment and restaurant district of London. There are array of bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, live music and theatre shows. Now you may not know but Soho has a risqué vibe, you will find a range of London’s sex shops, gay, lesbian bars and burlesque shows. If you want to learn more about Soho then take a free walking tour through  

Best Vacations For Single Women

Leicester Square

A pedestrianised square known to be London’s cinema land as it contains the biggest cinema screen with over 1600 seats. The square is used commonly used for major film premieres however, you can grab a bite to eat and check out stores such as Lego Land and the M&M world. There are a lot of street shows down throughout the day, people tend to crowd around watching people dancing or singing. I love visiting Leicester Square sitting on the grass and enjoying the atmosphere of people around me. Around the corner of Leicester Square you can get to where… Trafalgar Square, along with being able to take beautiful pictures by the fountain you can check out The National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery. Make sure to take plenty of pictures to share with single women everywhere!

China Town

Known to be another famous attraction the area is a very short walk from Leicester Square (it is literally round the corner you cannot miss it). Here you are able to get a flavour of Chinese culture and participate in their special culture events. It is lively and the food is cheap if you know where to look. Chinatown can suit any budget but If you are not interested in eating you can take home a couple souvenirs and take pictures of the area. I LOVE a buffet! I went to a Chinese buffet for a tenner, I was a bit worried because the food seemed overly cheap but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Best Vacations For Single Women

London Eye 

This is a giant Ferris Wheel located on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It is a paid attraction that has a height of 443 feet and is the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel. I have not been on it yet but it does get crowded when I have been around the area, ensure you pre-book your tickets. It is a great way to see this beautiful city from higher grounds and take pictures too. Right next to the London eye there is a Sea Life Aquarium, London Dungeon and Shrek’s Adventure.  If you fancy doing something different why not book a boat trip? You might not think it’s cool for single women to take a solo trip on a boat, but you will be highly impressed! As the London Eye is right next to the River bank you can go on a boat tour.

Best Vacations For Single Women
Best Vacations For Single Women

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Brixton is a borough in South West London and a multicultural area I have found it is somewhat overlooked as a place to visit because it is not in Central London. In the 1950s Brixton became the home of West Indies immigrants, which is known as the Windrush Generation. When I went Florida years ago somebody could not believe there were black people in England lol. Now although there is not as many black people compared to America there are a lot especially in London! If you want to try authentic Caribbean food, get you hair weaved, etc. and find out about key aspects of Black history in Britain by checking out the Black Cultural Archives, Check out Brixton. Brixton has changed majorly due to gentrification leading to a rise in prices.  Brixton is found in the southern borough of Lambeth and can be reached on the Victoria Line or Overground.  Here are some places to visit in Brixton:

  • Black Cultural Archives. Brixton has strong roots within the Afro- Caribbean community so here you can check out photographs, rare books and much more. Special exhibitions and history walks are also put on. 

  • Brixton Market. If you go to Brixton, you have to come here! There are over 100 traders selling clothes, music, art and food. I love coming here just to chill as it provides a calming atmosphere. 

  • Brockwell Park. Sometimes it is nice to just get out of the city without getting out of the city. When it gets too busy go to Brockwell Park enjoy the space and take in the views of the city. 

  • Brixton Beach.  This a Cuban inspired spot featuring a rooftop bar and beach. There are loads of different events running on the beach so check out the programme and find what suites you. 

Okay single ladies, are you ready to travel solo or bring some friends and have a group of traveling single females? Come back and visit us for more best vacations for single women. Don’t wait too late to be great! The time is now!

Best Vacations For Single Women
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I could create a never-ending list of things to do in London, there is literally so much to do so I have tried to sum it up the best way I could.

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