Best Tips To Stay Safe During Solo Travel

Traveling solo can be fun!

No one to tell you what to do, where to go or what to think. No need to go back and forth about why you don't want to do something and my favorite, not rushing yourself to make others happy.

However, it does have its pitfalls and can be dangerous. Recently, a woman name Carla Stefaniak traveled to Costa Rica and was later found murdered, shedding an unflattering light on solo travel and Air BnBs.

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Solo Travel can be sketchy, but if you take some preventative measures and just think outside the box, you can travel solo and safely with these 7 steps below.

1. S.T.E.P.

S.T.E.P. or the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program protects US travelers who are visiting other countries to provide their travel plans and contact information to US. Embassies or Consulates. Using this program allows you to gain assistance with medical, legal, and other issues that may interfere during your trip. For instance, if you lose your passport, they can help you obtain another one so that you can enjoy your trip.

2. Tell Your Family/Friends Where You Are Going

I know sometimes families are so intrusive, primarily as a single woman. Plus, sometimes you are into some kinky shit that you may not want to share with anyone! At this point, if you are close to people who are going to judge your lifestyle, you shouldn't be hanging with those people anyway. The one who still loves you doesn't care that you are going to cross the world for some new penis, but they do care if you don't return home. You don't have to give them exact details but share your itinerary and hotel locations. Give them the number to the room and establish contact times so that they can be aware if you have issues or can alert authorities if you don't report back during your scheduled times.


3. Stay in secure locations

I know it may be cheaper to stay all the way in the country, but there are also only two people located in that area. If you are alone, unfortunately you can't just stay in quaint, cute regions in the country all the time. Try to stay in a public place with many people around. Stay in hotels that have hallways and a guest service area. If you stay in an Air BnB try to get one that's in an apartment or a condo with a gated area. When going out on the town remain in groups and don't go back with anyone you don't know. Don’t give people the hotel you are staying and keep your details to your self close to the chest. Also, be aware of your surroundings! Don't become so stuck in your phone texting that you are not mindful of what is happening around you.

Best Tips To Stay Safe During Solo Travel

4. Understand Your Area

Know what politics, crime, or other issues are going on in the country or city that you are visiting. Be aware of the nearest police stations, Embassies and Consulates for your added benefit. Also, know what areas you should avoid. Some areas pounce on unsuspecting visitors, and you may need to know what areas these are and where they are located so that you can steer clear.

5. Stay Protected

Weapons may scare you, but they are a great way to stay safe. Damsel in Defense offers guns, stun guns, tasers, and other nifty products that are available for the single (and not so single) woman on the go. As an added bonus, many of these products are made for small hands or to hide in your purse. Check out Damsel in Defense for cool protection products on the go.

6. Stay on social media

I know a lot of people hate social media and want to keep things private, but social media is one of the best ways people can track you when something happens in another city/country. You can leave electronic footprints all over, and if God forbids something happens to you, police can trace those steps to see your last known whereabouts as they did in Carla Stefaniak's case. It is a tricky thing to manage because people who have malicious intent can also use this to track you. So be mindful what you share and don’t share exact details. (i.e. i’m in room 221 at the Trump tower!!! Wahoooo)

Best Tips To Stay Safe During Solo Travel

7. Travel in a group

If you can't find a group to travel with, but you know you don't want to travel alone there are options such as Singles Vacations. This travel agency offers group travel for singles who are in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s! They are always running specials, and it's a great way to get to know other people and build lasting relationships. Who knows, you might find the love of your life there.

Have more tips? Let me know, and we can share them with others.