Calling all my single ladies! This is YOUR blog, made for you and your needs.    I created this blog with single women over 30 in mind. We all come to a point in life where your relationship status is the main focus of other's opinions of you.  

If you are a single gal, stop worrying about where is your Boaz and constantly begging on social media to notice your worth! You are a strong woman and if you feel like you aren't I am here to help you!

This is the go-to place to check out a blog for the single woman, so enjoy and have fun!

Where Do You Want To Go?


How many of my single ladies have heard the following when you tell people that you are single and over 30?:

"Time's a Tickin!"
"You better hurry up before the good ones are gone!"
"You are going to be an old single woman with cats!"
"Most women over 30 and single are damaged goods."
"Single women need to lower their standards if they are still single and over 30."
"Single women always want to go after married men!"

and my favorite phrase when you disagree with a process, or if you have an alternative opinion,

"See, that's why you're single!"

I'm here to tell you that your relationship status doesn't mean jack squat if you are unhappy.  There are millions of women who are in relationships or married that have crappy boyfriends/husbands. However, just because they are in a relationship, they are viewed as a higher quality of woman because they aren't single. Even if he is abusive or toxic, as long as she has a man, her opinions and value are valid.


I'm not here to bash men, because a good one can be an asset! What I am here for is to help you with the following:

Understand that just because you are single, it doesn't mean you are worth less than those that aren't
Single ladies should stop focusing so much on when they are going to get married but focus more on improving their lives so when/if they meet the one, they are ready.
Enjoy your life by opening yourself up to new experiences for a better and much more fulfilling life.
Meet other single ladies who desire to meet up and travel or attend events with other women who are similar to them. 
Encourage single ladies to grow and be a better version of themselves.